Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Snapshot of Tuscany - Unconventional Portraits

By Sarah Van Hove, communications intern.

Between dressing and covering oneself up there is an abyss. Covering oneself up satisfies a need. Dressing means telling ones own story.
Matteo Brogi

Shoes have always been an important part of a person’s outfit, even though they are not always noticed by everyone.

Matteo Brogi, Italian photographer, decided to turn his camera on footwear and show what Italians are putting on their feet. He believes that shoes always represent the personality and the world we live in.

Through his photography, Brogi works on a type of unconventional portraiture that involves eliminating faces and concentrating on what may be seen as secondary details. These details are often important in understanding the psychology of the person in the picture.
The subjects of this series of portraits have been photographed in such a way that nothing but legs and shoes are visible in the foreground. The photos are taken in a home or work environment, conveying an impression of the contemporary Italian reality as seen from a different perspective.

Shoes have many meanings, they speak a profound language which is still partly unknown to us. Shoes represent an intimate component of your inner being, they reveal your secret personality, playing with the minds of the observer and the wearer.
Elio Fiorucci - Fashion designer

Shoes are a piece of my life story. My grandfather was a shoemaker. He had a small made-to-measure laboratory in Florence and in the 1960s started a factory for artisanal heels. When I was little I used to play with the leftover heels and dreamed of the divas who would wear them.
Lucia Cappelli - Librarian

Notwithstanding the aesthetic touch, I believe that shoes supply a code which allows people to decipher the wearer’s personality. Shoes can give a strong personal message.
Salvatore Madonna - Hotelier
Shoes follow every step I make. I need the right shoe for every stair I climb.
Alessia Bastiani - Businesswoman

Matteo describes his project as follows: “Unconventional Portraits is a serial project which, in the months I have worked on it, has acquired its own identity, one that I never imagined when I started. The work proceeded by extempore inspiration, by chance, by association of ideas; it has a point of departure (the world of footwear and Italy) but perhaps no point of arrival. I hope that everyone will find their own.”
We are very excited to host Matteo Brogi’s photo exhibit, from June 5 through September 2, 2013. Through his portraits you will be able to “meet” the students, dancers, architects, fashion designers, wine producers, celebrity butchers, perfume makers and carabinieri that represent Italian society from the knee down. 

Along with Unconventional Portraits, June will showcase a month long series of tastings, lectures and events celebrating Italian Heritage Month, a collaboration between the Bata Shoe Museum and the Italian Cultural Institute. For more information, please visit our website.

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