Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Successful Summer for the Digital Photography Project

The Bata Shoe Museum’s Collections Management project to digitally photograph everything in the collection has moved ahead this summer. Heading the project since 2007, Suzanne Petersen, Collections Manager, was so pleased to have two university students join the museum this summer for a 12-week Young Canada Works program, funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Antonia Anagnostopoulos and Kelsey Myler worked with Suzanne to photograph a segment of the collection in high resolution digital format. After specialized training on-the-job, the team has created photographs of almost 1000 artefacts, a process that involves many steps, exacting attention to detail, metadata collection and team work.

Antonia Anagnostopoulos
Antonia has completed her third year in the University of Toronto’s History of Art program. She was the Artefact Handler for the project and was tasked with the safe and proper movement of artefacts. She planned the shot-order and movement of the artefacts from the storage rooms to the photography studio where she prepared the objects for photography by removing storage mounts. After placing an artefact on the photo backdrop, she worked with the Photographer to perfect the composition of the shot, moving the artefact slightly in order to capture its most photographic angle.

Kelsey  Myler
Kelsey was the Photographer on the project. As an Image Arts - Photography student at Ryerson University, she brought her passion for photography and her image software skills. For the project, Kelsey set up all of the photography equipment and maintained it, making sure she captured the object in its best light and angle. She also tracked all of the shots in a journal which was updated with every capture.

After the actual shooting was done, the team processed, resized, formatted and renamed the image files and then uploaded them with metadata to the Museum’s custom database. Today the new photographs are available to staff and researchers for use on our social media, website, publications and more.

This project has been made possible in part by funding from the Government of Canada.

Suzanne Petersen

15 August 2018