Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrating Celebrity Shoes - Madonna

"When I used to show visitors these shoes during tours, everyone was very impressed that they were worn by Madonna. But what always surprised people was that underneath the shoe, connecting the sole to the heel was a metal reinforcment put there so that the shoes were strong enough for Madonna to perform in them. I think this says a lot about the apparently effortlessness image of glitz and glamour that celebrities project and the much grittier work involved in keeping that image alive."
Anne Cobban, Director of Development

Madonna's ability to maintain a cutting-edge image combined with her versatile musical style, has made her a superstar for over 20 years. A great admirer of the fashion designers Dolce&Gabbana, Madonna's wardrobe features many of their daring desidesigns, such as this platform shoe that she wore in the mid-1990's. These satin platform pumps have the word "Mo" written on the label in black ink.


  1. Hi Bata Museum!

    These sparkly wonders worn by Madonna remind me somewhat of several pairs of shoes worn by Mae West in our(FIDM Museum)collection. We featured one pair on our blog about a year ago.

    About 9 1/2 inches between foot and floor!

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