Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Art to Boot" at the Bata Shoe Museum

Today is the first day of a new "snapshot" exhibition on display in our B1 foyer. Snapshot exhibitions are small-scale themed displays, on view for a limited amount of time. We are proud to have one of our favourite annual snapshot exhibitions on right now, "Art to Boot", a collection of artist- designed Blundstone boots which will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for Sketch, a wonderful organization which creates art making opportunities for  street-involved and homeless youth or those who are considered to be at risk.

Judging Day at the Sketch loft

The Sketch experience starts at the organization's offices, where our Assistant Curator Sarah Beam-Borg is one of the judges in the Blundstone boot design competition. After spending some time in Sketch's amazing light-filled King Street loft, which is full of the incredible artwork of youth artists who benefit from this organization, the 20 pairs of Blundstones were transfered back to the Bata Shoe Museum to be prepared to exhibition.

Assistant Curator Sarah Beam-Borg puts the finishing touches on the "Art to Boot" exhibition. 

Until September 22nd, these art pieces will be on display as part of regular admission to the Bata Shoe Museum. They will then be auctioned off at an event at the Gladstone Hotel on September 23rd.  For more pics of this year's boots check out our Facebook page.

Just two of the 20 pairs of artist-designed Blundstones now on display


  1. This is beautiful!!

  2. Didn't have the chance to see the exhibit at the museum, but did go to the Australian Boot Company fundraiser. Great event and lovely creations! Thanks for the heads-up about it! Check out my recent blog post featuring the artist and designer creations: www.shoe-tease.com

    xo Cristina @ShoeTease

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