Thursday, April 12, 2012

BSM New Acquisition

Always interested in adding to the Museum's internationally renowned collection of North American Footwear, we recently obtained two pair - one pair is of the Seminole tradition, and the other is Penobscot in origin.

Seminole Moccasin
Penobscot Moccasin

The Seminole pair of finely constructed tanned deerskin, is a one-piece moccasin.  The moccasin is cut from the one piece of deerskin in a pattern that allows for the top and bottom of the foot to be encased by way of a back seam, a front seam and lacing at the centre front.  All of the seams are sewn with a leather thong and a thin strip of deerskin.  Free of applied embellishment, this pair's but and construction is its only decoration.  Note the carefully styled gathering at the toe and at the heel that is punctuated by the circular tab at the end of the thong.

The Penobscot artefact is a two-piece moccasin, meaning it is constructed from two pieces that are then sewn together.  This moccasin has the addition of the cuff piece, which is embellished with applique and beading.  The apron piece, at the top front of the shoe is decorated with beading in a style typical of the Penobscot.  It is sewn together by way of strips of sinew that are as thin as thread and cannot be seen easily. 


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  2. Beautiful pictures. Thank you! Love the contrast between the highly decorated one and the more basic example.