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#FriendsMW #MuseumWeek

We are so grateful to the wonderful people who take time out of their days to volunteer at the Bata Shoe Museum.  We also hope that they get as much out of their volunteer work as they put into it, so it is wonderful to hear stories, like this one by our amazing docent Laura, about one of the benefits she has gained from her time here - new friendships. #FriendsMW 
I did not know a single person at the Bata Shoe Museum (BSM) when I joined as a volunteer. I started volunteering to build experience in the museum sector, where I hope to work; making new friends wasn’t my primary motivation. Having said that, I had just moved to Toronto where I had only a handful of acquaintances so I began volunteering at a time in my life when I was very open to meeting people and investing in new relationships. I had no idea I was about to become part of such an interesting and supportive team, or that I’d make such meaningful friendships.
In training we often worked in pairs or small groups and because …

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